psTMS is a system that provides remote managing POS terminals and allows updating of configuration and loading terminal software. It receives statistical information and files from POS terminals and may issue commands for remote execution. psTMS provides convenient tools for data editing, including batch changes, data import/export, and various reporting instruments.


ECR2EFT ( DLL, Android, .NET, WEB)

A set of libraries to provide interaction between ECR and POS terminals.


Epistrofi loyalty WEB 

A standalone application which processes request from WEB client to loyalty back-end system.


Snout ( AliPay, i-Bank, EReceipt)

Interlayer application for multi - protocol conversion between different servers and services.


Web Payments Middleware 

WEB service which route transactions to acquirer for acceptance using SPDH protocol.



A part of server tokenization solution, which interact with SEitC server for detokenization.



Zimbabwe PPOS/TPOS, BaseAppEmv, Tpos Zanaco, Zimra

The family of POS applications for Verifone's Evo line terminals ( Vx670GPRS, Vx670WiFi, Vx520Color, Vx520GPRS, MPOS e265g, ) These financial applications support MS, EMV Contact, Paypass and Paywave Contactless chips, ISO8583-compatible protocol. Sonoma performed pre-testing MTIP, ADVT using certification tools and provided support to EFTCorp company during different acquirer certifications.