New version of psTMS system is released and sent to clients. Below is a list of new features and changes.

New Features

  1. Templates

Operators now can create a template from any root (Terminal) or brunch (Acquirer) record and add it later where applicable. This is a shortcut to copy-paste when the Operator does not need to “copy” all the time. If the table has registered templates, add button converts to drop-down control with a list of templates. Templates could be shared (visible for all Operators) and private.

Use case: add EUR support to multiply POS profiles.


  1. Batch (Group) data manipulation operations added:
  • Update – conditional record editing for both root (e.g. Terminal) and brunch (e.g. Acquirer) tables.
  • Create group – create a record group based on condition.
  • Remove records, including records in sub-tables
  • Paste from template – conditional running of Template paste (see #1).
  • Record publish/unpublish – mass toggle of record publication status, available if this option is on for the DB
  • Transfer – mass record moving from one DB to another. This operation tolerates differences in DB structures – data will be silently ignored, if the target table contains no such field.

Batch operations require record locking and in most cases will lock the full table, so no other editing will be possible for safety reasons.

Batch operations could run based on conditions, entered by the Operator or on record group, created earlier.

psTMS allows to save batch operations for future use. Data is kept in the browser storage of the Operator’s computer.


  1. Descriptor comparison

Each action, which includes a possible change of the descriptor (Structure editing, DB import, descriptor import) calls the comparison step. psTMS will show a list of changes (if any are found), split into the following groups:

  • Database structure changes (those, which will change tables in the DB),
  • POS configuration changes (will modify configuration data structure, sent to POS) and
  • User presentation changes (affects only UI data editing).


  1. “Single TID” – psTMS will not allow adding TID if it already exists in any other connected database.
  • If two TIDs are found during a POS update call, the Terminal won’t receive the profile to avoid the mess. (This is possible, if import/enable a single database multiple times).
  • If a second TID is found during data editing, warnings will be shown to the Operator, so he knows about the problem.
  • Record verify operation checks if there are duplicates. Table verification will do it also, but for all terminal profiles together.


  1. Cleaner service – scheduled removal of old records from multiple journal tables (Initialization logs, commands, action history, Heart Bits, metrics, etc.). It is very useful to set up the Clean-up, so your logs will be as short as you need, and history tables will remain thin.


  1. Task manager – added UI table to show operations, which are currently running (and Operator could monitor the progress) or had finished earlier. Multiply long-lasting operations are already moved to work with “tasks”, more – to move. At this moment – used for the history review of performed operations.


  1. Notification history – browser UI will save the last messages, so Operator could review them even after the popup closed.


  1. Security – psTMS could be connected to multiple AD domains simultaneously; the user name could be entered in the form This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (if MS AD is used)


  1. Table and record import/export operations added. Now it is possible to extract only a single profile for analysis, or a full single table.


  1. Right-mouse-button menu on records in Data Editor and Descriptor Editor is added and multiple operations were moved to it. This allowed us to clean up the User Interface.


  1. Fixed and improved processing of the Terminal Update (Result) table. Now it shows the correct values.


  1. Read-only fields for the profile version information could be added. The text will be shown outside of the Data Editor list


  • Multiply minor fixes and improvements are not included in this list.


  • UI appearance library version changed